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David Nusair’s “Thor” Is Claustrophobic, but Likable

In response to David Nusair’s 255‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on Reel Film Reviews

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David Nusair’s teeny tiny “Thor: The Dark World (November 17/13)” makes some good points, but distracting visuals, poor punctuation, and a general lack of size keep this one from achieving greatness.  

To be fair, this is called a mini review, so readers can expect wee critiques and itty bitty criticisms to go with their petite review. And that’s exactly what they get.  

Luckily, Nusair has a gift for pithiness and uses every word to his advantage in critiquing the film. He packs each sentence to the brim with pertinent and sometimes hilarious analysis and he keeps the proceedings moving at a breakneck pace while never sacrificing clarity (thanks to a considerable skill for lucid prose).

A few issues do crop up here and there. There’s a distracting reliance of parentheses and Nusair uses them like a shoehorn to cram in ideas that didn’t fit conveniently into the sentence before it, but here it’s become a crutch.

Also, Nusair has forgotten that he has an “enter” button on his keyboard, because there’s one giant, intimidating monolith of text with nary a single paragraph break to provide relief.

A little breathing room and less claustrophobic sentences could have improved it vastly, but it’s still a decent entry.    

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