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Kevin Carr’s “Ender’s Game” Is Rather Ordinary, and That’s Okay

In response to Kevin Carr’s 695‑word review of Ender’s Game on 7M Pictures

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Kevin Carr’s trademark is his conversational, everyman tone and he’s par for the course again with his new review of the new sci-fi adaptation.

And par is a good way to describe Carr’s effort with “‘Ender’s Game’ Film Review”. It’s not bad; he’s personable, generally likable, and offers a few critiques that hit the mark, but there’s also nothing extraordinary here to make it stand out in the already sizable crowd of film critics.

Carr sometimes uses personal stories to bolster his analysis, which can work well if the story is interesting or apropos, but two paragraphs detailing how he read the book in college doesn’t qualify and actually serves to halt the proceedings before they even begin. Thankfully, Carr displays more attention to detail than in previous efforts and, as a result, there are less grammatical errors and typos.

As is the case with most of his reviews, the radio portion is better than the written, but here it’s a closer race than ever before. His delivery in the sound bite is so manic and rushed, it’s difficult to follow, but Carr has a gift (at least verbally) to be concise and that’s still the case here.  

It’s a decent effort and worth checking out only after you’ve read some of the better ones.    

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