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Daniel M. Kimmel’s “Thor: The Dark World” Offers an Outsider’s Perspective

In response to Daniel M. Kimmel’s 671‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on Sci-Fi Movie Page

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With “Thor: The Dark World—Movie Review,” Kimmel provides a compelling enough take on his source material, approaching it from the perspective of someone who hasn’t necessarily drunk the Marvel movie studio Kool Aid. Unfortunately, his clumsy and clunky prose ruin any goodwill his unique perspective might have engendered by making Dark World—Movie Review a difficult and awkward read.

There is little flair or panache to Kimmel’s prose. It’s very matter-of-fact (with the exception of a couple of unfunny, forced jokes), which is fine in and of itself but does not necessarily suit the film he is reviewing. The writing is very stilted, too, and in one case a misplaced comma makes a sentence difficult to parse. This reviewer had to read it no less than three times before making sense of it.

The plainness of Kimmel’s writing is matched by a rather boring visual style. It is about as boilerplate as, for instance, a Marvel superhero movie. That particular irony does not seem to have been intentional.

This leads to a review that, when taken as the sum of its parts, comes up particularly short.  Dark World—Movie Review is an awkward experience, like watching someone who’s painfully shy give a speech in front of a room full of professional speakers. Readers are more likely to pity Kimmel than dislike him, but either way they probably won’t come back for more.    

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