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Duane Dudek Rushes Through “Treat Themes” as if Late for Meeting

In response to Duane Dudek’s 443‑word review of Ender’s Game on Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

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Duane Dudek has the framework for an outstanding review in, “‘Ender’s Game’ doesn’t treat themes, issues lightly,” but he glides over each theme without expanding. It’s an appetizer review full of short sentences, and all it takes is one look to understand that little effort was put into the work.

Treat Themes moves swiftly, and the writing of Dudek is solid, but there is no substance to the review. The film features a cast such Viola Davis, Ben Kingsley and and Hailee Steifeld but none of them are acknowledged whatsoever. The average review usually has at least one paragraph where the main cast is rattled off, but Dudek is unable to provide a full look at the film.

The main actor, Asa Butterfield, is mentioned by name once in Treat Themes, however Dudek simply offers the reader a few thoughts at the close about the character Ender rather taking a look at the performance as well. Sure, the work is informative—it is a movie review—but given the lack of commentary on direction or cast it all seems a bit strange.

Dudek manages to produces a small but solid paragraph on director Gavin Hood in the middle section of Treat Themes, but ultimately he ends up transitioning to another theme before one can feel at home with the review. Take off your shoes and stay a while, Mr. Dudek!

Treat Themes is a review in a hurry. One should seek a proper critique that shows a bit more respect for the reader.    

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