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Felperin “Dark World Review” Is a Beginning to End Recap Feat. Thoughts

In response to Leslie Felperin’s 1278‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on Hollywood Reporter

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Turn off the phone, put on the glasses and prepare for the comprehensive description of the entire movie that is “Thor: The Dark World Review.”

Most will appreciate the lengthy work of Leslie Felperin but the most astute readers won’t be able to ignore the fact that the critic basically notes the main features of the film from beginning to end.

Dark World Review is definitely a worthwhile experience, but one should be advised that Felperin reveals quite a bit of information regarding the plot. It all may seem inconsequential to the critic, but for those who enjoy the beauty of experiencing a film cold, this one’s not for you.

The hefty opening paragraphs of Dark World Review are rich with context and box office statistics. Felperin proves that she is master of intrigue and suspense, and one may even envision Felperin in the famous Hitchock pose.

When Felperin writes “The opening sequence…” she is about to detail the film from beginning to end. The critic is careful to not reveal too much information for the reader, and actually does a fine job of detailing and analyzing, even if the latter is not quite mind-blowing.  

The conclusion of Dark World Review is satisfactory as Felperin ponders the work of director Alan Taylor and offers a free history lesson. What is missing? Well, the critic appears to be caught up in describing the settings without exploring the importance of the characters. The writing is enjoyable and the work is thorough, however it all seems a bit too formulaic.

Dark World Review is a respectable piece of work, but won’t make a definitive mark in Thor reviews.    

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