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Gerald Peary’s “Fuse Film…” Fatally Flamboyant

In response to Gerald Peary’s 768‑word review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on Arts Fuse

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Lo, this is what happens forthwith when an author’s need to showcase his better than average lyrical ability supersedes his task to write an adequate summation on his topic. In “Fuse Film Review: The “Hunger Games” Sequel — Better Than The First Time Around”, Gerald Peary detracts, distracts, and generally shows off, and almost forgets to relay a determination in the process.

The verbiage provides a hindrance from the outset. To say it is excessive is to not do its self-touted magnificence justice. It is outrageous, and it significantly weighs this piece down catastrophically. The lengthy, completely inconsequential introduction taxes the mind beyond reasonable means even before the robust, overly embellished body burns it out. It’s as if the author is attempting to write a novel in the space of a short story. In fact, it permeates the piece so perversely, it nearly overshadows the determination, which is pitifully inconclusive to boot.

Adding to the chaos is the author’s incessant need to relay information that has no bearing on the subject at all. Fun facts on the subject’s components, regardless of how charming an anecdote they breed, ultimately have nil to do with the subject or the purpose of this piece. Thus, they should not even be iterated. Moreover, they weigh the already massive girth of this piece down further, and distract the reader’s attention to the point that they would rather be doing their taxes than traversing this text.

Should one dare dive into the murky waters of this piece, they’d best bring a life preserver… maybe even a few flares. For should the author fail to drown the reader with his verbosity, they will almost certainly be lost at sea.    

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