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Claudia Puig’s “‘Furnace’ Mesmerizes” Is Very Satisfying

In response to Claudia Puig’s 498‑word review of Out of the Furnace on USA Today

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Claudia Puig offers solid writing in “Gritty, well-executed “Furnace’ mesmerizes,” showing that one does not have to dazzle the audience to give them a good time. This focused piece is an entertaining and very satisfying read.

Puig’s non-pretentious style is very welcome here. She covers everything: plot, characterizations, performances and mood without bringing things to a dead stop, as can so often happen. This top-notch pro does her job well.

This critic is not afraid to break format by talking about performances first. She trusts the reader to be smart, and able to follow right along with her. Her ability to engage the audience with an easy, flowing style is certainly one big reason. She is the rare critic able to speak to and include everyone, no matter what they bring to the subject. Its is used to good effect here.

Her skills of description are also on display. One of the performances in the film is not just good or even great. The actor’s “merciless glare leaves a searing impression” and “his malevolent persona is terrifying.” Read that and you know what you’ll be getting into with this film and with this character.

Puig is in excellent  form with ‘Furnace’ Mesmerizes. Read it and witness a true pro at work.

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