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Marc Savlov’s “Gravity” Is a Fun and Quick Dip Into Space

In response to Marc Savlov’s 399‑word review of Gravity on Austin Chronicle

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Marc Savlov’s “Gravity” is a refreshing and simple dip into the film of the same name. This review is short and sweet, making every word count in a direct and informative fashion. Savlov proves the ability to give an accurate and appreciated summary of the film within two sentences.

Savlov elaborates later on, but as an initial introduction it is gripping and serves as a useful overview of the movie as a whole. Savlov doesn’t get too specific or focus on one single event that could potentially ruin the element of surprise for his audience. He truly understands what it means to keep the integrity of the cinematic experience intact.

Savlov’s Gravity is wonderfully direct. It contains no unnecessary information, no random tangents, and instead finds a way to blend together a flowery description with straightforward directive. The review is already a skeleton compared to other reviews.

Savlov wraps up all his summary and opinion, using an interesting and elevated writing style, into a tightly knitted four paragraph review. Just as Savlov reels in his readers, he lets them go to enjoy the film for themselves. Readers who want a short and informed piece of literature are looking for pieces by Savlov.    

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