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Fantasy Flaws Inspire Laughs in Michael O’Sullivan’s “World Movie”

In response to Michael O'Sullivan’s 856‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on Washington Post

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Michael O’Sullivan is the master of observation in his humorous “Thor: The Dark World movie review.” The audience won’t learn much about the lead character or actor, but they will learn about technical inaccuracies in a fantasy film that has nine realms.

World Movie brings the laughs in the first five paragraphs, even if the argument is slightly overdone. The critic makes excellent points on the logic of the film, and one will be entertained by paragraph after paragraph of fantasy movie takedowns. The effort of O’Sullivan will touch the most most comedically-challenged readers.

O’Sullivan transitions to the critique in the second half of World Movie, and proves that he is not taking the work seriously. The critic discusses the beard of Odin and the potential rivalry of Lady Sif and Jane, which is a clear indication that O’Sullivan is ready to leave work and drive home.

World Movie has value for the common reader, but the content never finds its way to the next realm, which some may know as “serious film criticism”. O’Sullivan strangely makes it all work somehow, but the analysis of the plot and characters must have been saved for another day.

World Movie will be satisfactory for most readers, but the most serious review connoisseurs may scoff at the humor.    

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