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Susan Granger Begins Halloween Early in “The Counselor”

In response to Susan Granger’s 342‑word review of The Counselor on SSG Syndicate

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Susan Granger will frighten readers, and perhaps fellow “critics” with her horrific work “The Counselor.” The critic begins Halloween early as the “VUR (Vague Unoriginal Reviewer). Audiences will flee from their screens and seek out actual critique as a special place to recover.

The introductory paragraph of Granger’s The Counselor summarizes the plot, and also finds a way to mention all the leads by name without actually explaining anything else about them. Analysis? Sorry, you will not find it here. Granger can barely offer the reader an acceptable glimpse into Michael Fassbender’s character aka The Counselor.

Granger gets it together with the next section in The Counselor, however one paragraph of insight does not constitute a good “critique” or even “review.” It actually seems more like a formula to acknowledge the screenwriter and director. So far Granger follows this structure: summary-cast-writer-director. Clearly, the only thing left to do to is provide closing thoughts.

The conclusion of Granger’s The Counselor is just plain weak. Granger had an opportunity to look deeper into the film, and possibly make the experience worthwhile for her audience, but instead merely addresses images from the film that one may remember. Here is another image to contemplate: the reader screaming with horror.

Granger’s The Counselor says just enough to cover the criteria for a review, but does nothing else other than remind one of Halloween.    

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