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Dargis’ “Teenagers With Guns, Supposedly Good Guys” Succeeds With This Smash Hit

In response to Manohla Dargis’s 764‑word review of Kick-Ass 2 on New York Times

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Manohla Dargis’ “Teenagers With Guns, Supposedly Good Guys” is an extremely well-written review. The review begins with a video, playing as an appetizer to the main course—the actual written review. This is a bit of stumble as the video doesn’t necessarily agree with the tone of the written review itself.

Once the writing gets underway however, readers will be enthralled with this review. Dargis lays it on the line and prepares to back her statements up with well-thought out points. Readers can satisfy their appetite with this feast of a review. Dargis uses popular titles of other movies to hammer her points home to the readers, but she doesn’t dwell on them.

Her ability to know when to title drop and where is the key to what makes this review work. Dargis keeps her storyline clean and more importantly, keeps it going. Readers will be glad to know that repetitiveness is not an issue in this review.

Dargis’ review is sure to creep into the minds of its readers and cause some critical thinking of their own. From characters to plot to the director and even how it all ties into today’s world—this review is a must-read for anyone who enjoys a thorough write up.    

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