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Joanne Langfield’s “Wolf of Wall Street” Spectacularly Indecisive

In response to Joanna Langfield’s 340‑word review of The Wolf of Wall Street on The Movie Minute

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Joanna Langfield’s brief, yet memorable, “Wolf of Wall Street” is over in a flash, much like the story of excess it is based upon. But what a glorious flash it is.

This miniature tome mirrors the glamorized subject matter to a tee. And that is a good thing because conveying the tone of the premise makes for a more virtual experience. Speaking of virtual (excuse the corny lead-in in advance), virtually every facet of this piece is priceless: from the beautifully sketched out synopsis to the witty style he uses to present his evidence. It even has a few philosophical moments thrown in for good measure. All amount to a hearty piece of literature for the reader to sink their teeth into.  

The only thing that is missing is a satisfying conclusion. Langfield seems to contradict herself a little by insinuating one impression in the opening passages, then going in the complete opposite direction near the end. Thus, the reader is left scratching their head wondering exactly where her allegiance ultimately lies. Granted, this might be the author’s way of saying they’re not sure what their take is on the subject, but a more overt determination would have been nice here.

There’s no doubt, this is still an extremely entertaining and thought provoking piece. However, it will likely require more than one perusal to decipher the author’s message.    

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