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Kam Williams “Shocking Splatterflick Ups Ante” a Review of Average Taste

In response to Kam Williams’s 441‑word review of Kick-Ass 2 on

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This review, titled “Shocking Splatterflick Ups the Ante on Original’s Gratuitous Gore”by Kam Williams was shockingly average. Reading this review was like taking a large bight into a baloney sandwich. A common, everyday experience with no spice or zest to keep make the experience interesting.

It provides basic sustenance, but nothing really more than that. It has sufficient amounts of summary and common opinions pulled from almost-interesting background stories of the film actors. The writing is readable and the arguments are simple. Something the reader could effortlessly swallow.  

The biggest problem with the Williams’ review is that it has nothing in it to make it desirable.  Nothing to set it apart.  And when faced with a buffet of every type of dish imaginable, nobody picks a baloney sandwich.

The presentation, like the sandwich, is plain. If anything, there were several pictorial insertions that detracted from an easy line of sight for the audience. Like little spots of mold upon the crust, these pictures were a nuisance, and oddly placed.

Williams created a normal piece of work. No five star restaurant would serve her piece as a main course, but the everyday reader may just suggest it as an easily accessible source of nourishment. For the reader looking for that simple something of a review, bon appetite!  Don’t expect your friends to trade their lunches for yours.    

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