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Greg Evans’ andCraig Seligman’s “‘Gravity’ Soars” Soars and Immerses

In response to Greg Evans’s 424‑word review of Gravity on Bloomberg News

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Greg Evans’ and Craig Seligman’s “‘Gravity’ Soars on 5 Stars; ‘Parkland’ Recalls JFK: Film” is an excellent review with lofty appraisals and exquisite language. Note that the first section of the review is about Gravity, and it’s easy to denote when Evans + Seligman switch gears.

The review’s verbal grace notes provide a wonderfully entertaining style that will keep most readers on the edge of their seats, creating a review-reading immersion that feels right.

From existential pondering to sea anemone metaphors, this review is a finely crafted work of art. The plot summary swirls and sways with the content of Gravity, but because it maintains a direct, realistic approach, it never dissolves into trippiness.

Evans and Seligman’s high appraisal of the film could have been better balanced by at least a little criticism, but the reader doesn’t feel duped by the authors’ lofty idealism. The sub-headings could also be tweaked for flow and clarity since the “Clooney’s Angst” section only discusses Clooney for one out of six paragraphs, but surprisingly, this oversight does not make the review any less awesome to read.

A final nod to Evans a Seligman for their interesting language choices is in order, which isn’t meant to foxhole their insight, but rather to state that their style surpasses their content.    

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