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“Prisoners” by Tim Grierson Walks Hard

In response to Tim Grierson’s 847‑word review of Prisoners on Paste Magazine

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The slick and subtle phrasings of Tim Grierson highlight his latest gem, simply titled “Prisoners.”

Grierson walks down the vast highway of cinema and stands valiantly on the center line. The hand slowly raises, the finger points to an unknown object and Grierson smiles as if to say “I am here, I am coming and I will take my time.”

The viewing experience of “Prisoners” is brought to life by the superb skills of a modern master, and study groups will be formed immediately, along with Facebook pages, Twitter groups and Sunday afternoon discussion clubs. It’s that good.

Grierson’s vision is sensitive to the audience that trembles with anticipation.  The author is aware of how a spectacular piece of work can spoil with the wrong words and his remedy warrants a nickname.

The opening paragraphs are dense and systematically paint a picture of various colors. The phrasings of Grierson have the impact on the level of the greatest Drake hooks, and one may even sing a song to themselves after this display of the written word.

The content of “Prisoners” remains entertaining throughout and Grierson makes poignant observations that will undoubtedly satisfy the reader. In this often frightening world of movie reviews, one can feel secure and safe in this imaginative and elaborate concoction of awesome, and walk hard down the road of cinema with Tim Grierson.    

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