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Margot Harrison Brings Literary Heat to “Ender’s Game”

In response to Margot Harrison’s 574‑word review of Ender’s Game on Seven Days

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Margot Harrison will gain several new Twitter followers, possibly dozens,  due to her fantastic composition that is “Ender’s Game.” Her gentle prose is easy to process, and the deep thoughts will lead the reader to experience multiple braingasms. One will be surely be pleased in a variety of ways.

Harrison gets off to a great start in Ender’s Game with a unique opening paragraph on video games and the growls of Harrison Ford. The critic offers chuckles and deep thought in the same sentence, which gets the reader revved up for more.

The critic gets right to the point in Ender’s Game and the results are amazing. Harrison reflects on the deep ambitions and cerebral aspects of the film, but keeps the audience entertained with a “giant ant” metaphor.

Plot summary is not forced on the reader in Ender’s Game.  Harrison maintains a steady flow by covering the essentials, but then immediately returns to critique. The lead performance of Asa Butterfield is addressed with a beefy paragraph, and the review connoisseur will undoubtedly smile with delight after another paragraph on the modern state of kid’s Sci-Fi. Harrison closes out with yet another brain sizzler of a paragraph that is pure literary fire.

Ender’s Game is an entertaining read, but also prods the mind with deep insight. Margot Harrison deserves a plaque somewhere.    

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