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Outlaw’s “‘Kick-Ass 2’ Review” Has Something for Everyone

In response to Kofi Outlaw’s 1179‑word review of Kick-Ass 2 on ScreenRant

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Kofi Outlaw’s “Kick-Ass 2’ Review” is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. There is something for every type of reader here. Everything one would want from a review is all but handed over on a silver platter. Outlaw talks about the characters, the plot, the director and the overall vibe of the film without a single spoiler. Incredible!

Outlaw’s writing, simply put, is superb. He writes with an incredible amount of detail without crossing any lines that could potentially spoil the movie for the readers. Reading this review is bound to teach you at least one new thing.

He addresses this film’s predecessor but doesn’t get too hung up on it. He talks about the characters but doesn’t drag it on and on and on. The walk through the plot is informative yet not too revealing. At times, the movie stills that he includes in this review are directly above the words that address the characters that are on display. This is a great setup and is visually appealing.

Perhaps the best parts of this review (narrowing it down to just a few was tough) are at the very end. Just when it seems like there’s nothing more to give, Outlaw gives. He gives an “insider tip” for when or when not to leave the theater at the end.

He gives the readers a chance to give their own star rating of the film. Want to talk about this film with other fans and keep Outlaw’s non-spoiling ways going? He gives you that option as well, with a link to do so. This one is definitely worthy of everyone’s time.    

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