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Routine Criticism Brings Down Claudia Puig’s “Thor’s Hammer”

In response to Claudia Puig’s 554‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on USA Today

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A hammer reference. A Breaking Bad reference. Claudia Puig undoubtedly brings pop culture to her formulaic work, “Dark World is as leaden as Thor’s hammer,” but one might expect the critic to expand on the directorial techniques rather than merely noting his involvement with Game of Thrones. Puig offers quick, unsubstantial analysis that moves the dreadful review along until the lackluster close.

The introductory paragraph of Thor’s Hammer is not only weak, but outdated. Fortunately, Puig offers a satisfactory thesis in the next paragraph, but seems far too busy to communicate the pros and cons of the film in a comprehensive way. Thor nerds may lose their Mojo, and the general reader will be surprised by the snappy and packaged effort.

Half of Thor’s Hammer is plot summary, and Puig at least makes the read a tiny bit entertaining with a few zingers. The critic rushes through the character mentions, which do little other than inform the audience of the cast. There is no sense of anything resembling an analysis of the plot, and the work is just a rushed attempt to get something online.

The most devastating aspect of Thor’s Hammer is the critic’s reluctance to examine the lead characters of Thor and Loki. Puig devotes a few sentences to each, and one will hardly gain anything of value from the weak output. The critic goes on to mention visual effects and acknowledges the director, but the reader will be relieved when the nightmare finally ends.

Thor’s Hammer is packaged fluff and nothing more.    

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