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Mathew DeKinder Is on Fi-Yah in “Tasty and Filling

In response to Mathew DeKinder’s 733‑word review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on Suburban Journals of St. Louis

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Mathew DeKinder is on “Fi-yah” with the entertaining and structurally-sound “Review: Hunger Games sequel proves both tasty and filling.” The critic always dazzles with his graceful prose, and his latest work is the perfect companion piece for a four-star dinner.

Tasty and Filling gently reaches for the reader in the playful open. DeKinder offers a pleasing “topian” pun, and serves up the knowledge on the background of the franchise with a well-placed vitamin metaphor. Prepare your best Dana Carvey-Johnny Carson line of “I did not know that” as the critic lights up the webpage with precious information.

DeKinder transitions immediately to the great Jennifer Lawrence, which proves that he understands the power of J-Law on the reader. The audience will be pleased by the critic’s praise for the young star, however he may upset elderly granny readers by noting Meryl Streep as having “cold, dead hands.” It’s a good thing that grandmas typically don’t use Twitter.

The concluding paragraphs of Tasty and Filling are definitely tasty, but not rich with deep insight. DeKinder could have offered a few thoughts on the supporting cast rather than simply rattling off their names. Despite the thin analysis, the critic brings it all together nicely with the distinct DeKinder tone.

Tasty and Filling offers a pleasant reading experience and a humorous tone.    

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