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Christy Lemire’s Review of “Catching Fire” Thorough but Light

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Christy Lemire’s review of “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” is a workmanlike—workwomanlike, if you will—review that skims the surface. Lemire has written a good, solid review but one that doesn’t delve deep and ultimately feels light.

The audience is told about excellent performances but not told in depth why the performances are excellent. Lemire skirts that border between cinematic cheerleader and critic. Readers will be forgiven for wondering if she is the type of critic who loves every big budget movie release.

To be fair, Lemire does maintain that fine balance between fawning for a movie she clearly enjoyed and maintaining her stance as a critical observer. And her prose is lively and brisk, moving at a quick pace despite long sentences and a few too many similar sounding adverbs.

Unfortunately, for a professional critic who’s written for and appeared on network television, she hits a strangely amateurish note when she tells readers that she “sighed a longing ‘awww’ at the film’s cliffhanger ending”. In addition to sounding like a Jane Austen heroine, Lemire must have garnered some strange looks at the movie theater. After reading Lemire’s review, readers might sigh longingly for a little more analytical ballast.    

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