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Rob Vaux’s “Mania Review: Prisoner” Is a Maniacally Good Time

In response to Rob Vaux’s 762‑word review of Prisoners on

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Light-hearted without being irreverent, balanced without being bland, Rob Vaux’s “Mania Review: Prisoners” is a rock ‘em, sock ‘em take on the Prisoners-review genre. Vaux tackles his subject with a deft touch, injecting a sense of humor that is often lacking in reviews of a subject this serious. And yet, the humor is subtle enough that it never overwhelms or becomes cheesy.

One might not expect such subtlety from a website called Mania, and indeed the layout of the site doesn’t exactly scream subtlety, either. It is exceptionally loud, with so much red it could pass for a horror movie website. There are links galore surrounding the text, which is itself squeezed into the middle of all the visual action. There are no graphics or video clips interrupting the text itself, though, so thankfully it is still possible to read it without being too distracted by everything going on around it.

All that would mean nothing if the review itself weren’t worth reading, but it most certainly is. Vaux makes a convincing criticism supported by references to the movie that get the point across without ever veering into spoiler territory.  Mania Review is both effective and entertaining, a combination that sometimes feels all too rare among contemporary film reviews.    

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