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Louise’s Keller’s Review “Gravity 3D” Is One-Dimensional

In response to Louise Keller’s 460‑word review of Gravity on Urban Cinefile

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Louise Keller’s review “Gravity 3D” never really gets off the ground, offering a fairly bland and prosaic experience most readers will find superfluous.

Gravity 3D begins in medias res, with a very blunt cut to a scene that should have readers on edge but rather feels disorienting. Perhaps this is the author’s goal; contrasts “by” and not “with” confuse, and readers will no doubt feel unsettled into the next movement, which jumps back to the beginning.

From this point the review bumbles forward rather than marches, without a clear goal. Evocative language is avoided almost obsessively, and the reader’s journey of discovery is treated as an afterthought (if anything at all).  Gravity 3D instead resorts to the blunt-force technique of explication.  

In spite of its relatively brief readtime, Gravity 3D might as well have quit halfway through. Unfortunately it doesn‘t, and the back half here is more intolerable than the first. Stylistically, it’s a nightmare. Thematically, it’s unchallenging.

The result is so one-dimensional, so boring, that it almost belabors the point to remind readers of the fact.

Either veteran Keller has phoned it in or she’s lost her magic. Whichever the case, this is an unfortunate piece of work that asks very little of its readers and offers even less. It’s not worth considering against the arresting fare currently out there.    

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