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Rob Vaux’s “Mania Review: Escape Plan” Shocks, Then Awes

In response to Rob Vaux’s 671‑word review of Escape Plan on

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Rob Vaux’s “Mania Review: Escape Plan” gets off to an inauspicious start and you may find yourself thinking about jumping ship. Can a worthwhile review start with the line, “I’m a little shocked at how not-shitty Escape Plan is”? The answer to that question is yes. So, don’t jump in your dingy and high-tail it just yet.  

He may stumble out of the gate, but Vaux eventually proves to be a good writer and the review is certainly worth a read. Vaux clearly knows his audience at Mania Reviews and his grace lies in his plain-spoken style, which he rides for a lot of mileage. But don’t mistake workaday for superficial; there’s a clear depth here and his unostentatious approach belies a complexity of thought that all good reviews must possess.

Unfortunately, the physical presentation of the review distracts from the content and it’s a shame because Vaux deserves better. You’ll squint like you’re on a Saharan trek with broken sunglasses. The layout is downright painful and the color palette will offend your senses worse than a Miley Cyrus performance.

Vaux’s review is worth your attention, so if you can squint and bear it, have a read. You won’t regret it.    

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