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Andrew O’Hehir Is the Calm Voice of Reason in “Bard for Twihards”

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Andrew O’Hehir takes a calm and level-headed approach in his gripping and thoughtful piece “Romeo and Juliet: The Bard for Twihards.”

Bard For Twihards welcomes the reader with a resplendent image header that is just the right size, and preps the reader for a little R & J.

O’Hehir is blunt with the reader in the opening paragraph, but also gives a gentle tip of the cap to the lead actress, Hailee Steinfeld. One will appreciate this early move by the critic, as it shows respect to all involved. In the vicious review game of today, far too many have destroyed the young actress with scathing words. Not this one, folks.

Bard For Twihards gets erotic when discussing the one known simply as Romeo, and O’Hehir makes a nice throwback to great Italian art. Chemistry is also explored with refreshing words that might make the more prude in the audience blush. The energy of this paragraph is intense to say the least.

The major victory of Bard For Twihards is in the rich examination of the setting, script and supporting roles. O’Hehir makes one feel comfortable with the reading experience, and some may argue that one will instantly become smarter.

Bard For Twihards concludes with an emotional and honest soliloquy. The critic pleads with his colleagues to drop the gloves, and live in a world of peace.  One must experience the amazing insight of Bard For Twihards for themselves. It’s something special.     

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