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Todd Jorgenson’s “‘Nebraska’” Reads Like Elevator Music

In response to Todd Jorgenson’s 394‑word review of Nebraska on

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Todd Jorgenson’s “‘Nebraska’” reads like a rookie review that wouldn’t know how to deliver entertainment or pizza, even if he was a driver for Papa John’s in a flamboyant chicken costume. While Jorgenson provides acceptable plot summary information and character descriptions, he fails to connect the reader to his writing voice and perspective, and by the time he offers a modicum of entertaining opinion, it’s far to late to reconnect the reader.

For starters, the review isn’t horrible at any point; it’s just extremely basic, but as it goes on, basic turns into very BORING. Jorgenson employs the writing style of applesauce with the verbal aesthetics of hominy. The exposition lends a dry texture to the always bleak paragraphs, making Review as black-and-white as the filming of Nebraska.

It’s like Jorgenson goes “do-da, do-da,” and then says, “hey boys and girls, it’s time to insert a connector word to switch paragraphs—do-da, do-da.” Due to the extremely fractured style, readers may wonder if he’s as bored as they are, yet, it’s easy to see why a reader would just stop reading the review, or perhaps keel over mid-way from sheer disinterest.

Surprisingly, Review picks-up the vibe and content analysis a bit about midway through. Jorgenson uses a few fresh words, but unfortunately, he then he meanders right back around into mediocre-ville, sort of like the verbal equivalent of boxed potato flakes.

However, the last few paragraphs, though broken-up like sad little crumbs, offer insight and engaging language. If the reader makes it this far, the shock of good writing may cause sudden hypertension, catharsis, and the immediate desire to send a direct note to the writer: please, please write like this for the length of the review next time!

Overall, Jorgenson’s review of Nebraska is just not balanced, humorous, or engaging.    

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