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Sean O’Connell Reflects on Modern Society in “Movie Plan”

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Sean O’Connell protects and informs like so many great prison buddies in “Movie Review: Escape Plan.” The readers of the critic may be inspired to write a hand-written note of appreciation.

The opening of Review: Escape is a bit stressful, as it appears that O’Connell may cling on to classic cliches and never let go. Most readers will be aware that the leads were popular in the 80’s, and the critic intelligently touches on this only briefly before moving on.  The reader will certainly feel the deep respect of O’Connell.

The plot summary of Review: Escape is a pleasure to read for the energy that the critic injects, and the ability to make it his own via pure pizzazz. O’Connell is a risk-taker, and refuses to be bogged down by the classical plot summary structure.

Social issues of today are brilliantly addressed, which will have the heads of readers nodding in agreement. O’Connell doesn’t just offer a plain review of the film, but rather a commentary on the true importance of the leads coming together for the project.

In the concluding paragraphs, O’Connell looks deeper into the film, and conveys how the director makes the film work. The critic recognizes flaws, but ultimately communicates the essential themes that one can enjoy.

Review: Escape devotes precious time to making the reading experience comfortable for the audience, and looks beyond the borders to offer a unique glimpse into modern society.    

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