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Bill Goodykoontz Is Wise and Talks Demise in “2 Stars”

In response to Bill Goodykoontz’s 508‑word review of Escape Plan on Arizona Republic

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Bill Goodykoontz will please his loyal readers with his brutally honest approach in “Escape Plan, 2 stars.” One needs a review such as this to maintain balance and order in their lives.

2 Stars opens with an exceptional joke on the ages of the lead actors, and is delivered by a seasoned veteran of one-liners. Goodykoontz excites with the opening gut-buster, and thus gently reels in the reader like a master fisherman. Somewhere Ernest Hemingway is smiling.

The critic’s thoughts on the physical appearances of the leads may be disturbing to some. Goodykoontz’s is quite specific about the modern day appearance of Sly Stallone, and the audiences should prepare themselves. 2 Stars provides a hilarious commentary on the potency of the script, which will have one searching for tissue.

2 Stars is a huge success by making a bold statement at the beginning, and providing the reader with a thorough review to contemplate. Goodykoontz takes the reader through a substantial amount of plot summary, and one will feel touched by the critic’s remarkable show of respect.  

The conclusion of 2 Stars isn’t Doestoevsky-like, however one feel satisfied and know that the experience was worthwhile.

2 Stars is essential reading, and the style of Bill Goodykoontz may result in a few new Twitter followers.    

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