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Chris Knight’s “Kick Ass 2, Reviewed, Almost as Good” Reaches Big!

In response to Chris Knight’s 705‑word review of Kick-Ass 2 on National Post

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Chris Knight’s epic “Kick-Ass 2, reviewed: Hyper-violent sequel is almost as good as the original (just don’t tell Jim Carrey)” comes on strong by defending a film for what it is and not what is not.  

Knight gets to the nitty gritty and focuses on villainy, theme, and focus: a terrific place to start the heart of any review, especially this one. The kitchen sink approach to theme, plot, motif is mirrored by the cast, Knight argues, and that is a fine point to make. There is a method to the madness and we get a quick and dirty guide to it.

The fatigue of too many characters is actually dealt with in some detail and with good humor. And Knight, while not pining for the original film, makes a sage point on how the novelty has worn off and in its wake the series is looking for it’s new secret identity.  

Also revealed is the films secret location: Toronto! The Canadian city that pretends to be New York for about 9/10ths of every solar year.

The layers of depth revealed by Knight is like watching a man peel an onion of truth. But he can’t help a parting shot about the future of the series, which dilutes the momentum and focus on the present. The review was almost perfect.     

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