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Jordan Hoffman’s “Cannes Nebraska” Is in the State but Sleeping

In response to Jordan Hoffman’s 795‑word review of Nebraska on

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Jordan Hoffman has seen films and will remind you of that fact in his latest work “Cannes Review: Nebraska.” There is a decent review somewhere, but ultimately the work is a combination of references and plot summary.

Everyone enjoys a good film reference, and critics can greatly bolster their work with effective placement, however the beginning of Cannes Nebraska immediately feels disconnected.

One may cringe when Hoffman begins his work with “As as science fiction fan,” and will silently beg the critic to stay on point. Hoffman sinks deeper into sci-fi nerdland by referencing a “Halkanian ion storm” before one can even say “black and white” or “Nebraska.”

The disjointed writing continues in the second paragraph when Hoffman puts on the comedy hat and switches to actor references. The act is played out, and  Hoffman must have realized so because he gets it together and transitions to the plot summary.

Cannes Nebraska is light on criticism although it is there. Hoffman is clearly not too thrilled with the film, but one will appreciate his dedication to the craft (which was severely lacking in his Ender’s Game). The writing is somewhat depressing but Hoffman describes what he has seen. One can’t condemn an artist for spitting the truth. But is it the truth? Readers may be curious to find out if other critics believe some of the characters live a life that is  “drab, ugly and meaningless.” Drab, ugly and meaningless? Yikes.

The final paragraphs of Cannes Nebraska are a joy to read, and Hoffman will make one think about reality vs film reality. Unfortunately, the critic references I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry in the final paragraph which is a perfect example of the lack of focus throughout.

Cannes Nebraska is in the state, but still sleeping in the car.    

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