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Neil Smith Goes to the Ninth Realm of Spoileria in “Thor”

In response to Neil Smith’s 727‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on Total Film

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Neil Smith is building a bit of a reputation for letting the horses out of the barn, and “Thor: The Dark World” isn’t going to do anything to help rectify that.

Smith gets medieval with the spoilers, offering a level of descriptive detail that will have fan boys sticking pencils in their ear canals. Major set pieces are revealed, cameos mentioned, locales discussed, and scenes spoiled (even ones from the second half of the film).

It’s a shame because this is an otherwise skillful, funny review. Smith is a pun master and, while some are groan inducing, enough of them work to add a few chuckles to the read (even the bad ones are ingratiating).

Smith’s writing is entertaining and flows effortlessly like the Nile. There’s nothing sluggish or lackadaisical here as he moves through his criticism, which is plentiful but sadly, superficial.

Smith touches on all the points every other critic has; the film is “as exciting to watch as it’s impossible to follow” with a lead who’s struck a balance “between rock-jawed heroism and winking knowingness.” These critiques are a dime a dozen and it’d be nice to see more depth here.

This one’s a worthy read (if only for the puns), but wait until after seeing the film.    

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