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Paul Chamber’s Atrocious “Catching Fire” May Signal the Apocalypse

In response to Paul Chambers’s 245‑word review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on Movie Chambers

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Paul Chambers’ “Movie Review: The Hunger Games-Catching Fire,” is an insultingly poor excuse for a review. In it, Chambers takes the time honored tradition of film critique and butchers it, buries it in the desert, and urinates on its grave before digging up the bones of André Bazin and slapping them across the face.

This is astonishingly lazy work that defiles anything good left in the industry. The critiques are half thoughts and play more like dopey stream of consciousness ramblings from a forum post than anything resembling real criticism.

Chambers really argues one point throughout: he can’t get “past the buffoonery” in Catching Fire. This is a valid argument and he does deserve credit for offering plenty of evidence, but every letter of this paltry 245 word review is devoted to it at the omission of everything else. How was the direction? The actor’s performances?

Chambers can’t even make a legitimate case for this one hangup because the prose is messier than the end of a porno shoot (and just as disgusting). Horribly clunky sentences, a tenuous grasp of subject/verb agreement, and toddler-level punctuation all work together in this symphony of dreadfulness.

In the olympics of awfulness, this one stands head and shoulders above the rest. Stay away.    

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