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Allan Hunter May Be First to Admit That “Review: Romeo” Is a Confused Mess

In response to Allan Hunter’s 179‑word review of Romeo and Juliet on Daily Express

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Allan Hunter has acknowledged that an adaptation of Romeo & Juliet has been made in “Romeo & Juliet: review and trailer,” however the critic shows a complete lack of respect to the audience by… well, saying nothing important.

Review: Romeo does have a somewhat decent appearance with the poster image at the top, and also a trailer at the end for all to view (if all have not left by that point).

Hunter offers a statement at the top, before the image, which is intriguing, but ultimately will mean nothing to the reader as the critic refuses to provide an opinion, or anything else worth the reader’s time.

Wait! An opinion has spotted in Review: Romeo, and it shows up just under the header image and  highlighted in grey for some odd reason. “This is a decent effort, but it doesn’t quite measure up to Baz Luhrmann’s epic.” Take that bit of information, reader, and enjoy your day because that is all you are getting.

Review: Romeo fails because of Hunter’s inability to expand on statements such as “Handsome Italian location play their part in telling the tale.”

There is an opportunity to keep the reader’s interest in Review: Romeo, but the critic closes out with a disturbingly weak paragraph in which the leads are tossed aside without a bit of analysis.

Review: Romeo is extremely offensive, and throws a major wrench in the quality of the modern film review.     

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