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Fresno Screams “WE WANT BENTMAN!” Due to Rick Bentley’s “Hungry for More”

In response to Rick Bentley’s 543‑word review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on Fresno Bee

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Rick Bentley won’t be remembered as a great Katniss mind due to the slightly above average “Hunger Games: Catching Fire leaves you hungry for more.” The effort is there but unfortunately it’s only good and not great.

Hungry For More leaves the reader wanting exactly that. Bentley’s work is by no means poor, but there is no heat in the written word or enough J-Law to light the web page on fire. The audience gets their dose of Bentley analysis, but loyals fans will be left shouting “WE. WANT. BENTMAN.”

Bentley’s argument about the re-run quality of the film is on-point, however he fails to properly explore all the ins and out of the film aside from noting that much of it is a re-hash.

J-Law is not prominently featured in Hungry For More, which will disturb the local Fresno Hunger Games social clubs. Bentley does indeed show respect to Jennifer Lawrence with a couple sentences, but that’s all it is…a couple sentences. The classic one-two combo of average reviews.

Director Francis Lawrence is briefly covered at the conclusion of Hungry for More, which is a plus, but it all seems formulaic.

Rick Bentley writes a solid review with Hungry For More, but never catches fire.    

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