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James Verniere’s “Living Lifestyle…” Dead on Arrival

In response to James Verniere’s 91‑word review of The Counselor on Boston Herald

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No substance, no passion, no ending. Those are among the many “no’s” in “Living lifestyle of rich and infamous”, the latest offering from James Verniere. Don’t let the name fool you; there is no life here. Move on to the next planet.

Never has there been a more profound example of missed opportunity. The potential Verniere has to embellish his topic is astronomical, if not limitless. There is an unfathomable amount of critical scrutiny, poignant debate and satirical ridicule to be mined here. Sadly, instead of capitalizing on this, he foolishly opts to take the short and sour approach—thereby forfeiting any chance of gleaming a silver lining from this dark cloud. This approach suggest a staggering lack of both competence and pride in one’s work.

To be fair, this may have been the subtext Verniere intended to convey: to embody his distaste for the source material via obstinate silence. Regrettably however, this strategy, assuming it was intentional, backfires horribly. Instead of eliciting empathy, the message implies utter disregard for the subject as well as the audience. No doubt the reader will perceive this and turn away immediately.

Ironically, Vernierre seems to do just that even before his trite rhetoric concludes. Conceit is one thing—to abandon one’s task on top of it is unprofessional and contemptuous to the highest degree. Regardless of level of disdain, an author has an obligation to inform his audience. Clearly, Vernierre cares not to bother himself with such a burdensome task.

This work is as empty as the vacuum that fills it, never offering a shred of compelling dialogue. If one values their time or their integrity, they would be advised to avoid this terrible tome at all costs. Even to glance at one phrase would be energy poorly spent.    

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