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Tim Robey’s “Ender’s Game, Review” Oozes Eloquence, Little Substance

In response to Tim Robey’s 378‑word review of Ender’s Game on Daily Telegraph

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The beginning of Tim Robey’s “Ender’s Game, review” will have you salivating in anticipation of a rich banquet of retrospective analysis and vivid imagery. What you’ll end up getting instead is a mouth full of empty calories.

Robey weaves his words with the grace of a poet, to the point that it suggests he’s more interested in showing off his verbal dexterity than enlightening the reader. More tragically, he fails to elaborate on the subject at hand. Approximately 20% of his diatribe, maybe less, is devoted to the movie he is reviewing. And 80% of that is soaked with redundancy.

The better 20% is an elaboration on the story’s author and his personal politics. This has no bearing on the story, and thus one wonders why it was even mentioned at all—other than to distract the reader from the lack of content in his review.

After reading this drivel, you’ll be no more knowledgeable about the movie than you would be after seeing a trailer. Indeed, if it weren’t for the stars, one wouldn’t be able to discern his disapproval of the film.

One can only hope other readers have avoided his review in favor of a better one, and more importantly, were not distracted by his words—lest they spend their hard-earned cash on a movie he was presumably attempting to dissuade them from seeing.    

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