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Rick Kisonak’s “Out of the Furnace” Is Not a Snowflake

In response to Rick Kisonak’s 634‑word review of Out of the Furnace on Film Threat

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Rick Kisonak’s “Out of the Furnace” is a lite comparison piece that draws  interesting parallels between The Deer Hunter and Out of the Furnace.

Kisonak’s piece has  a weathered feel to it and wears its “been there done that” attitude on its sleeve. But with that Kisonak establishes a legitimacy to his tone which makes it easy for the audience to agree with his arguments, both for and against this throwback styled cinematic offering.  It does however suffer a bit from not allowing Out of the Furnace to stand as its own film; staying perfectly content with making sure the audience understands how far superior a film the Deer Hunter is—as opposed to critiquing the film in question—it feels a little too easy and lazy.

The main argument lobbied against the film is that of predictability. The critic argues that even at its most surprising the film is still by the numbers stuff. It apparently takes away from the enjoyment of the film in a sense, but the point still feels under developed with very few specific instances recited. Based on the lack of evidence alone the argument doesn’t hold water, because it comes off sounding more nostalgic of cinema from the 70’s, as opposed to a legitimate concern that needs addressing.

Kisonak does keep the spoilers reined in for most of the review, which is impressive considering a good portion of “Out of the Furnace” is plot recital.

Kisonak’s work is decidedly average and he makes the case for seeing the Deer Hunter over what is actually wrong with Out Of the Furnace. Most will find that kind of irritating especially when they were looking for a review of the titular film. Aside from a few missteps the Kisonak’s write up is essentially indistinguishable from the myriad of this film’s reviews already out there. You don’t have to skip it but don’t bother seeking it out.    

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