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Rick Bentley Hits the Bullseye With “Not a Sunny Sequel”

In response to Rick Bentley’s 404‑word review of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 on Fresno Bee

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The latest work from the crafty Rick Bentley, “‘loudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2’ not a sunny sequel” is a perfect example of the stylized and informative review.  The critic displays a keen sense of how to reach the viewer regardless of how many words are used.  

Bentley opens up not a sunny with a playful and  informative paragraph that leads directly to a sturdy statement on the film. This technique is effective, and lets the reader know what to expect in style and content.

If the reader hasn’t already been hooked after the first paragraph, the smooth prose of Bentley that follows will most certainly seal the deal. The words of the middle section are descriptive, light and offer a solid amount of  information without boring the reader.

Overall, not a sunny is a pleasure to read, and Bentley looks after his loyal crowd with brilliant commentary on the effectiveness of gags, and what the general audience can expect. The critic is able to grasp the film a whole, and communicate to the reader what works and what doesn‘t.

Rick Bentley’s not a sunny is not at the top of the class, but it’s enough fun to please readers for the entirety of its readtime.    

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