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Ty Burr’s “… This Remake of ‘Romeo and Juliet’?” Is Cut Short

In response to Ty Burr’s 53‑word review of Romeo and Juliet on Boston Globe

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Ty Burr’s “Wherefore art this remake of ‘Romeo and Juliet’?” is a movie review available in its full form only to Boston Globe subscribers.

Those who do not want to subscribe to the Boston Globe just to read Burr’s movie review will find themselves with a whopping fifty-three words to read. Said fifty-three words are unintentionally shallow without the rest of the review to contextualize and back it up.

Burr calls Romeo and Juliet out as a movie intended for youth audiences. He then moves on to provide a scathing actor-actress-character analysis and interesting screenplay criticism.

While the review begins with a writing style an English or Film major could love, the review takes a tragic turn when the Boston Globe publishers and editors cut the rest of the review off to reading audiences who do not bow at their venue doorsteps with eMail, name, address—and a small introductory fee of. 99 for the first four weeks to read their lofty publication.

Burr’s Wherefore art this remake has the potential to engage and prove itself as a good movie review, but the reader isn’t likely to feel enough confidence in the first fifty-three words of it to warrant a subscription fee, especially when so other movie reviews are free—and on less advertisement riddled websites.    

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