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Frank Swietek’s “Nebraska” Is a Barren Landscape

In response to Frank Swietek’s 780‑word review of Nebraska on One Guy's Opinion

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On the flip side of “all flash and no substance” is something like Frank Swietek’s “Nebraska,” a review of the film that shares its title. “Nebraska” is a thoughtful and well-reasoned review from a critic who obviously knows his stuff, but it’s just so flat and uninteresting that it’s hard to get to the good stuff.

The review takes place on a plain white background, with the only graphic being a little film motif adorning the top of the page. The copyright at the bottom of the page is for 2001-2009, and while that is certainly out of date, the review could easily be mistaken for being from a much earlier time, a time before much thought was given to style when it came to most web pages.

Swietek’s prose is similarly plain and unadorned. It’s as dry as a desert wind, bereft of any joy or wit. It’s all intellect and no heart, which makes for a review that is informative but dreadfully uninteresting.

Some reviewers are so eager to get their opinions into print that they neglect the elements of showmanship. Or, alternately, perhaps they find those elements to be gaudy or unworthy of them. Make no mistake, though, a review as bereft of fun as Swietek’s “Nebraska” does nobody any favors.    

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