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Matt Prigge Gets Historical in “Thor: The Dark World”

In response to Matt Prigge’s 597‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on Metro

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A lot has been written about the latest entry in the behemoth Marvel Cinematic Universe (just writing that produces a little vomit in the mouth). Way too much, in fact. Hundreds of reviews spew forth from the depths of the ninth layer of hell when a super hero flick comes out and the soul sucking truth is that 95. 6% of them say exactly the same thing in exactly the same way in exactly the same tone.

That’s why it’s particularly refreshing to see Matt Prigge throw a snowball in Satan’s sweaty face with his “Thor: The Dark World’ is utterly inconsequential — but is that bad?” It’s not that it’s the most original (or even poetic) work in this cluttered landscape, but it at least takes a different tack by convincingly comparing The Dark World to the Thin Man series, Futurama, and “80s curio “Krull.”

Prigge argues that, with these films (Futurama excluded) “it was common for story to take a backseat to nearly every other factor” and they weren’t judged as art, but by their “relative charm.”

Prigge may not be the first to argue this, but he’s the most convincing and his extensive knowledge of film history gives this one an extra punch.    

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