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Bruce Demara’s “Escape Plan” Offers Sound Critique

In response to Bruce Demara’s 528‑word review of Escape Plan on Toronto Star

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About halfway through Bruce Demara’s “Escape Plan locked in implausibility: review”, Demara derides the film for being overly long, saying it “feels like padding”, a description which thankfully doesn’t apply to his review. Like a confident male underwear model, Demara feels no need to stuff his piece with unnecessary filler, he just delivers the goods like a seasoned pro.

And Demara is clearly a veteran in complete command of the craft. He respects his art and takes it seriously, even when examining a film he might consider unworthy of serious criticism. Demara loves and respects his art and he resists the temptation to turn it into a jokey, goofy affair.

The writing is mostly utilitarian and is a long way from the heights of the greats like J. Hoberman, A. O. Scott, or Roger Ebert. You won’t find a high-minded essay on the film’s themes in social context, but for a movie like this, who cares?

A word of warning: locked in implausibility has two real-deal spoilers. One kills the ending and the other lets the toothpaste out of the tube on a major plot twist. Even though Demara excuses one by claiming “this is not a spoiler”, it is, by definition, a spoiler, so if you want the movie to surprise you, steer clear of at least the last three paragraphs.    

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