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John Anderson’s “Ender’s Game: Review” Is Basically Professional Trolling

In response to John Anderson’s 405‑word review of Ender’s Game on Newsday

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There’s a reason one should never listen to a fan. Passion. Passion is blind. It swings between love and hate with no objectivity. Although “‘Ender’s Game’ review: Space film has zero gravity” is technically competent and concise, John Anderson’s pitch black viewpoint must be approached carefully.

Professional criticism often trespasses upon such territory, where the recommendation is ruthlessly absolute. Love or hate. Vanilla or chocolate. Bert or Ernie. There is no middle ground. The sages of the craft are able to part their hearts from the work at hand and deliver as balanced a product as they can. Space film lashes violently at its target, bombarding it with cynical language that would enflame any online forum dedicated to the contrary opinion of the film.

Such feverish condemnation raises a red flag, yet Space film should not be completely dismissed. Anderson’s flaming is wonderfully assembled. A degree of glee can be found in listening to an unapologetically negative ranting. In the end, Anderson’s work evokes a smile, but those searching for a balanced critique should look elsewhere.

Those looking for any good excuse not to see the film will want to check out Space film, you’ll find plenty.


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