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Outstanding Character Analysis FAILS Highlight Rich Cline’s “World Movie”

In response to Rich Cline’s 400‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on

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Who says that one can’t deliver a potent review in four paragraphs? Anything can be accomplished in the world of film criticism with just the right amount of critique, however the latest work by Rich Cline, “Thor: The Dark World Movie Review,” consists of an intro, summary and nonspecific statements on the characters.

End of review, and have a great weekend.

The reader will likely crack a smile during the eye-winker introduction of World Movie, however the content slowly drifts to another realm. What is the name of this distant land of critique? It’s a mystery, but Rich Cline sure has not found it yet. Scholars maintain that it’s somewhere near “Comprehensive Critique.”

World Movie is half-over after the obligatory plot summary, and one will just be getting primped for the Cline experience. The critic devotes the final two paragraphs to analysis, but naming off the supporting cast does little for the audience’s needs. Who are the characters? How are they crucial to the  plot? Cline makes passing statements, and fails to break on through to the other side (which takes little effort to get to).

World Movie does have some analysis, which should not be a surprise, but the effort is flat out weak. The final paragraph is satisfactory if you’re excited by generic statements, but Cline refuses to expand on his basic observations.

Rich Cline’s World Movie is just another average piece of work that fails to stand out in content, writing, visuals or analysis.    

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