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Bob Grimm’s “Out of the Furnace” More of a Pot Spoiler

In response to Bob Grimm’s 349‑word review of Out of the Furnace on Reno News and Review

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Finally, here in the 21st Century, Bob Grimm’s Out of the Furnace: Into the Fire permits him to number himself amongst the more scholarly tellers of folktales, the German siblings who scoured the world for tales that were anything but ‘fairy’ in their dark provenance.

So, no Disney he, Grimm proceeds to inventory a wasteland of burned out kin ready for the kiln of some faceless Chinese manufacturer of figurines ripe for acquisition by sweaty wrestler fans used to the dim and the dark avatars of failure he chronicles with all the deadpan of a weary crime reporter for some grimy mill town whose hard times and hard men are just another day at the orifice of Hades.  Your high, holiday or hemp induced, crash.

Full of praise for such casting autopilots as Sam Shepherd as the ailing metaphor of a father (dis)figure, you are led to believe that these troubled siblings—and all who come in contact with them—are not so much human as cast iron, alas, in molten form.

Indeed, Grimm’s Out of the Furnace: Into the Fire smolders like long-dying embers as it warns us that the work product in question is ‘predictable’, while in the same (steamy, foul?) breath calling it ‘a… revenge thriller’.

Finally, his lukewarm praise for the helmer of this ‘thriller’ erupts in one last gasp for oxygen as fuel for this fiery sendup puts one more in mind of John Landis’s ‘Thriller’ video featuring the late MJ.    

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