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Cary Darling’s “The Counselor” Is Pure Snark Over Substance

In response to Cary Darling’s 444‑word review of The Counselor on Fort Worth Star-Telegram/

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Cary Darling talks plenty of smack in his latest work, “Movie Review: The Counselor,” but fails to backup his statements with a complete review. One will find a small glimmering light of insight, but there is ultimately little more than a few flimsy takes to make the experience worthwhile.

The main argument of Cary Darling in Review: The is based on the effectiveness of Cormac McCarthy’s script. Over the course of three paragraphs of plot summary, the critic is unable to expand on his views other than with the use of snark. Darling merely describes the film to the reader, which takes up half the review.

The one bright spot is the noting of the setting, which will give the reader a false sense of happiness due to the brief appearance of opinion. Darling says almost nothing about the script, and the reader may chuckle with amusement.

Review: The is a review that barely offers the basics. Darling breaks down the lead role with “Fassbender gives it his all as a man pushed to breakdown,” which is indicative of the character analysis across the board. Nothing.

The final words of Darling in Review: The are ironic as he takes down the work of director Ridley Scott and writer Cormac McCarthy, but ends his own review without backing up his key argument.

Review: The is all snark and no substance.    

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