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Brian Tallerico’s “Martin Scorsese’s…” Hard to Dispute, Harder to Love

In response to Brian Tallerico’s 818‑word review of The Wolf of Wall Street on

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Very well-formed and ultimately solid in its approach, “Martin Scorsese’s ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ is Cinematic Adrenalin” by Brian Tallerico is still harder to handle than a foster child with a drug problem.

The author’s sharp wit is by far the highlight of this piece. He has a quick tongue that that turns on a dime faster than a sleeping rattlesnake. And the bite is packed full of venom. The scathing rhetoric skewers the subject to its core and drains it of its vital essence before it ever has a chance to mount a counter-attack. There is little room to cross-examine the author’s consensus, nor is there inclination to. It’s simply too air tight.

That said, it is less fun to watch the action than one might expect. There is a tone of icy indifference throughout the piece that suggests the author is simply concerned with condemning his topic and not the least bit interested in entertaining his audience. And that comes back to bite him in the end. For regardless of how damning one’s testimony is, it is the ability to relate to and engage the reader that ultimately determines how effective it is. Without it, even the meatiest evidence is as unappetizing as an old carcass that has been picked clean by vultures.  

It is a shame Tallerico’s charisma is not on par with his investigative skills. The supporting details are there, and the proof all but absolute. All it needs is a passionate delivery to hammer it all home. Unfortunately, that is as nonexistent as the morals of the subject’s protagonist.    

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