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Diana Saenger’s “Nebraska” Is a Real Payne to Read

In response to Diana Saenger’s 595‑word review of Nebraska on

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For a site called Review Express, there sure are a lot of baffling stops along the way in “Nebraska,” Diana Saenger’s take on the new Alexander Payne film.

In reality, this one takes forever to even leave the station. Saenger spends the first two thirds of the review summarizing the plot in excruciating detail. This isn’t your typical overlong recap either (that would feel welcome compared to this). It’s a mind-numbing scene-by-scene rehash of the first half of the film as told by a seven year old: “Well, first this happened, then that happened, then this other thing happens… “ 

If you manage to soldier through that quagmire, only worse horrors await you on the other side (one almost expects a mumbling Marlon Brando to appear out of the shadows).

The critiques are poorly drawn at best and bizarre at worst. Even when they’re mildly comprehensible, they’re so absurdly inane, it’s entirely possible you’ll lose all hope in humanity and flee to the hills of West Virginia to live out your remaining days as a hermit, muttering to yourself all the while about someone named Saenger.

If you find yourself on this train, remain calm, remove the window, and jump out. And don’t say you weren’t warned.    

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