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James Berardinelli’s “World’s End, The” Is a Meandering Mess

In response to James Berardinelli’s 941‑word review of The World's End on ReelViews

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Before you start questioning whether you have dyslexia, rest easy. James Berardinelli’s “World’s End, The” may make you think twice about all those times Mommy told you that you were special, but don’t worry. It’s not you, it’s film critic site ReelViews, who apparently think the internet uses the same categorization system as your dentist.

Barardinelli spends two sizable paragraphs assuring us that The World’s End is not, in fact, the same movie as This is the End and running down the filmography of every supporting actor on the off-chance you’ve never heard of IMDB. To be fair, the review does eventually get to some exposition and is peppered here and there with what could be called an opinion.

But, the non-sequiturs on display here would make Larry King jealous and Barardinelli’s thoughts start and stop like a staccato symphony conducted by Michael J. Fox, which makes for a read that feels a lot like traversing a chaotic, post-apocalyptic swamp; every muddy step sinks you ever deeper into a mire from which there is no escape.

If you’re looking for a clear, concise review of this apocalyptic movie, pack up your spiked shoulder pads and head for higher ground.    

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