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Jame Rocchi’s “Review: Catching Fire” Catches Fire of Excellent Criticism

In response to James Rocchi’s 733‑word review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on Cinephiled

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Beginning “Review: Catching Fire” readers are faced with a haunted Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss wielding a bow with arrow notched. Fortunately, James Rocchi’s review isn’t nearly as confrontational, though the image remains a bit too in-your-face.

Beneath Ms. Lawrence’s comely yet way too airbrushed face, Review: Catching is an honest, upfront review, letting readers know that this is the “middle bit” linking the introductory Hunger Games movie to the planned two-part finale.

Despite this, Rocchi doesn’t dismiss the film; indeed, his discourse on the problems of spectacle for its own sake that the movie raises is particularly relevant in this age of whiz-bang summer movies and endless iterations of superhero sequels.

His analysis of the interrelationship between heroes and their followers, in particular the importance of what the hero symbolizes, is a bit higher than what you’d find in even the highest brow reviews.

Interestingly, Review: Catching places it subject movie in the context of its less successful peer movie-franchises in way that will perhaps make readers think more about the messages of the latter—or surprise them with the assertion that the Fast and Furious movies had a message.

Review: Catching is an intelligent, accessible review that is thought provoking and worth reading—even if you never see the movie.    

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