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Richard Corliss Restores Hobbit Nerd Faith in “It Lives!”

In response to Richard Corliss’s 1416‑word review of The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug on TIME Magazine

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The modern Hobbit geek can be greatly offended by early reviews in this strange Internetland, and many tales have surfaced online about LOTR fans who have become devastated by nasty reviews from “the bad man.” Richard Corliss is no such bad man in his energetic and lively “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug: It Lives!”

One should understand that It Lives! is a novel-like review (1,500 words) that has the girth of an early Tolkien tale. It’s a hefty experience that one must dive into with force.

Corliss begins It Lives! by examining the introductory scene and all the glory that a Peter Jackson cameo evokes. “What does this mean?” says the curious reader. Let the critic inspire you with his saucy prose as notes how the sequel is  “livelier, ruder and less slavishly faithful.”

It Lives! will likely be regarded by history as a scholarly composition on Peter Jackson’s decision to make everything a bit more fun and sexy. Corliss addresses the tightening of the dialogue and the epic action scenes that will leave dressed-up Frodo-like maniacs drooling in their seat. The critic offers a little romance as well by examining the importance of a new female character, Tauriel, and her effect on Smaugland.

Richard Corliss covers it all in It Lives! It’s a review that should be wrapped in leather and carefully studied by young critic minds.    

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